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Appomattox Iron Works

28 W. Old Street
Petersburg, VA 23803

Discover the rich heritage of the Appomattox Iron Works, a renowned iron foundry complex in the heart of Old Towne. This historic site comprises nine buildings, each steeped in fascinating stories and architectural significance:

The Machine Shop
The Mill Store
The Supply Room
The Pipe Shop
The Carpenter’s Shop and Pattern Shop
The Core Room
The Foundry Building
The Blacksmith’s Shop
The Ruins of a Stable

At 28 W. Old St., visitors can view the oldest structure within the complex—the Machine Shop. Constructed between 1810 and 1825, this three-story, four-bay Federal-style brick building stands as a testament to early industrial craftsmanship. From 1899 to 1972, the Appomattox Iron Works thrived at this location, leaving a lasting legacy that earned it the designation of a Virginia State Landmark and a place on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

In addition to its historical significance, the Iron Works offers a versatile outdoor space ideal for hosting concerts, entertainment, and various events. The main building houses an art gallery, adding a touch of culture to the experience, while charming murals are throughout the complex, enriching the atmosphere with artistic vibrancy.

Experience the blend of history, art, and community at the Appomattox Iron Works—a destination that brings together the past and present.



Appomattox Iron Works
28 West Old Street, Petersburg, VA 23803, USA
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