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Historic Hustings Courthouse

150 North Sycamore Street
Petersburg, VA 23803
(804) 948-4455


Tours by appointment only

Discover the Rich History of Husting Courthouse in Downtown Petersburg

Welcome to a place where history comes alive. Steeped in significance and architectural splendor, this historic courthouse is a testament to the city’s past and enduring legacy.

The Husting Courthouse, originally constructed in 1839, has been a focal point of legal proceedings, civic affairs, and community gatherings for generations. Its classic Greek Revival-style architecture, adorned with grand columns and intricate details, showcases the craftsmanship and elegance of a bygone era.

Throughout its storied past, the Husting Courthouse has witnessed numerous landmark cases, political events, and social movements shaping the fabric of Petersburg and beyond. 

The Courthouse served as Confederate headquarters during the Siege of Petersburg. On April 20, 1861, local volunteers formed in its square to enlist. On June 9, 1864, its bell warned the local militia to meet the advancing Union cavalry. During the Siege, soldiers from both sides could see the courthouse clock from the trenches, and they set their timepieces by it. The clock tower was a favorite target of Union artillerists, who poured an estimated 20,000 shells into the city. When Petersburg fell on April 3, 1865, a Union flag waved above it.

From local trials to pivotal decisions, this courthouse has been at the heart of legal activity, serving as a beacon of justice and integrity.

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